Red Crucible 2 Unity 3D

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Red Crucible 2 Unity 3D

How To Play

Move - W,A,S,D
Look - Mouse/Trackpad
Crouch - C
Jump - Space
Sprint - Shift/Q
Iron Sight/Zoom - F (or right-click for infantry)
Walk - Shift
Camera mode - V
Reload - R
Operate or Exit Vehicle - E
Throw Grenades - G
Use Inventory items - Number keys 7,8,9,0

Primary Weapon - 1
Secondary Weapon - 2
Knife - 3


Menu - M
Inventory - I
Game Stats - Tab
Full Screen - F1
Chat - Enter/Return
Team Chat - T


While in chat mode:
Up/Down Arrow - Scoll chat
Left/Right Arrow - Change chat mode (all, team, friends)


If you do not have a Unity3D Webplayer Plugin you can download it here:

- Unity3D Plugin for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
(works for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
- Unity3D Plugin for Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
(choose your version)

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Red Crucible 2 is a fully rendered 3D online multiplayer, web browser game with real time lighting along with some of the most stunning 3D levels and arenas found anywhere. (needs the free Unity Webplayer Browser plugin)


91% like the game , 14230 times rated, 513174 times played