Icy Fishes

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Icy Fishes

How To Play

- Click anywhere near the flows to trigger an explosion and create chain reaction.
- Use various bombs to get more powerful chain reaction! To buy a bomb, click its icon in the lower part of the screen!
- Use ink mines to get additional chain reaction! Click to create the mine by octopus.
- Collect fishes by moving octopus near it. They can be used to buy upgrades.
- Destroy submarine to get bonus mini-game. You can win prize money, fish, bomb etc.Destroy submarine to get bonus mini-game. You can win prize money, fish, bomb etc.
- Destroy chest and catch diamonds to get a lot of money. Its can be used to buy bombs.

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Icy Fishes is an underwater chain reaction game with upgrades and awards. Each level consists of a few waves. Start each wave by placing a bomb anywhere on the playing field. The bomb will divide or destroy chunks of ice that are nearby, creating a chain reaction. When a chunk of ice is destroyed, a fish will be released. Try to catch as many fish as possible with your octopus. You can also place mines after the initial chain reaction to free any remaining fish. Achieve each levels goal, earn money, and purchase upgrades that will increase your chances of success.


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