Sandwich Shop

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Sandwich Shop

How To Play

- Click and drag the food
- Ham and eggs had to be cooked before served! Do not overcook them (ready when you see stars surrounding the ingredient)
- Be careful (what the customer orders): Tomato is red and ham has a more brighter color.
- When you have done the sandwich drag it over to the customer. He will pay only if you have done everything right!

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Launching your first sandwich shop, you aim to offer your customers the best food and service in town. When the game starts, a customer will arrive at your shop and order a sandwich. You need to click and drag the appropriate ingredients onto the order area in the middle, starting from the bottom of the sandwich. Be careful when you pick the ingredients as each piece of them costs money, and a sandwich with wrong ingredients will be rejected. Also note that hams and eggs have to be cooked before they can be put onto the sandwich. NX8 GAMES


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